Kaleidico – Zoetic

(self- released)

It’s rare to be broadsided so thoroughly by a record, but with the release of “Zoetic,” Kaleidico does just that, with an album predicated on restraint and brevity. The songs aren’t overly long and the compositions are often sparse with instrumentation coming in only as needed, with all components of the final piece working in tight unison to one another; everything sounds in its right place. It’s difficult to identify any one influence, as the confluence of several seems apparent, sounding reminiscent of the best of Radiohead, Tame Impala and Air — delicate, but not brittle. This is dreamy music that borders on melancholy without ever wholly giving over to any real darkness. With “Zoetic,” Kaleidico has made something truly remarkable, an album cinematic in scope that privileges composition over anything flashy or dramatic, resulting in a thing of undeniable beauty.