Coliseum – Anxiety’s Kiss


More than just the inclusion of a synthesizer into the fold, there is something entirely fresh about the newest from Louisville hardcore punks Coliseum. Their once unmitigated fury still exists here, smoldering quietly in the margins of every song, now accompanied by a melodic, mid-’80s new-wave punk sensibility. You can hear pre-Fugazi Dischord-era bands in their music, tempered by elements of Joy Division or even The Cure that re-contextualizes the band without coming off as too much a departure from their previous work. This evolution feels entirely honest and well earned, a band maturing without any real pretension over their previous work. “Anxiety’s Kiss” never drags, and varies in tone from song to song, all while feeling like one cohesive album. The end result is a record that blends fist-pumping riffage with a comparatively quieter tone, a delicate balance that makes perfect sense.