Inbox – May 6, 2015

Defenders of presidential-candidate Senator Rand Paul fret that the public may “misunderstand” Paul’s Baltimore words.
Self-proclaimed champion of African-Americans, candidate Paul was glad the train he was riding did not stop in Baltimore.
Did anyone aboard take a photo that might remind voters of that now-famous fly-over image of President George W Bush, looking out the window at Katrina?
A capable and genuinely-concerned candidate would have gotten off that train, traveled into Baltimore, educated himself and shared empathy with the plight of people in troubled times. The day Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, presidential-candidate Senator Robert Kennedy resisted stay-away warnings, traveled to the heart of Indianapolis’ African-American community, gave comfort and spontaneously delivered one of the best speeches of his life.
Shallow Rand Paul and other candidates need to reflect on Robert Kennedy’s words and actions of April 4, 1968. And citizens of this crumbling country need to ask why we accept slick rhetoric as a substitute for authentic candidates with substance.
Michael Gregoire, 40207

Secretary Kerry: Please help these elephants
Secretary of State John Kerry was charmed by an orphaned elephant while on an international trip, so it’s a perfect opportunity for Mr. Kerry to pull out all the stops to help elephants being abused in tourist traps.

Thailand is the world’s largest promoter of elephant camps, where the barbaric Phaajaan ritual is used to break baby elephants. Phajaan means breaking the love between a baby elephant and his or her mother. In these “training” camps, still-nursing baby elephants are dragged from their mothers, bound with ropes and steel cables, and immobilized in wooden cages. They are beaten mercilessly for days with nail-studded sticks, while deprived of food, water, and sleep. The babies panic, scream out in terror and pain, and collapse in exhaustion.

Tourists who pay to ride an elephant or to take a selfie are responsible for ensuring that elephants will spend most of their lives miserable in chains. Unwitting travelers are duped into believing that their money is going to “help” elephants, but international watchdogs have documented that wild elephants are being captured to perpetuate this lucrative tourist industry.
Jennifer O’Connor
PETA Foundation

Praise for Bill
Bill Doolittle is one of the best media writers working in Louisville today. Thank you LEO for publishing his work!
I always enjoy his eloquent writing style, whether it is about sports or the arts. His Derby articles from last week were no exception. Thanks.
Nelson Knight, 40205