Nightlife Guide 2015: Where to do
 yer drinkin’

Whether you’re a local or just passing through for Louisville’s famous horse race, we’re betting that you’ll be doing some drinking this Derby week, and we here at LEO wanted to do our part to contribute to the debauchery by providing you with our annual Nightlife Guide — a comprehensive listing of all the city’s watering holes, fit and unfit alike.

Whether it’s whiskey by the drink, regional craft beer on tap or a fancy-schmancy cocktail that you’re hankering for, odds are good that you’re but a stone’s throw away from quenching your thirst. Just figure out what neighborhood you’re in and then take your pick of the bars listed in that section.

If it’s a personal recommendation you’re looking for, we’ve included that too with some profiles of our favorite bars in the city. No doubt you’ve heard (and heard and heard again) that Louisville’s a foodie city. Still you might be surprised at how good even our bar food is. And while we’re preening, it’s worth noting that — from drag shows and local bands to views of the city — the bars are going beyond drinks and nosh to keep you entertained and overindulged this Derby week!