Inbox (April 29, 2015)

Ricky Jones hostile?
Like yourself, I have read and enjoyed Dr. Ricky Jones’ columns over his many years writing for LEO Weekly. That being said, I am confused by your assertion that “the hostility in his last column, ‘An Open Letter to Living Black Men,’ seemed to jump off the page.”
Perhaps I overlooked something in reading between the lines but I see no hostility whatsoever in said column. What I read was a well articulated call to his “real” brothers for unity in facing the all too real instances of misunderstanding and often times violent and or vitriolic discrimination they face from the police, U.S. society and even their own “sisters.” Please enlighten me as to the hostility you see.
Tim Schooler
Lyndon 40241

St. Martin of Tours parody, not funny
I am a parishioner at St. Martin of Tours. In a recent edition of LEO [April 1, Fake Issue], you ran a cartoon/ad which depicted a food truck styled St. Martin of Tours with a picture of a goofy Jesus. The cartoon/ad mocked the Eucharist and the Church’s teaching on human sexuality. If you are familiar with the Gospels and the other New Testament writings, you’ll know that your mockery has a 2000 year old lineage that has served to strengthen the Catholic Faith in every generation. Congratulations on your antiquity.
This week the U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in the same-sex “marriage” cases and passions are running high on both sides of the issue. I think it behooves us all to listen to one another and try in good faith to understand the other’s argument. After all, mocking your opponent’s position is usually associated with a lack of confidence in one’s own position. I am confident that if you take the time to reflect on the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, you will come to appreciate its beauty and coherence. In keeping with that, I would like to challenge you to the following offer: I will read any essay in favor of same-sex marriage, of your choice, and you will read Robert George’s essay, “What is Marriage?” and then I’ll treat you to a lunch at which we’ll discuss the merits of the competing arguments. BTW, George’s arguments like the Catholic Church’s arguments are not dependent on belief in the Gospel. How ’bout it?
Phil Swain
St. Martin of Tours Parishioner

March of Dimes 
and Animal Cruelty
The March of Dimes is holding a fundraiser on May 9 on the Big Four Lawn at the Waterfront Park. The participants will be well-meaning, good-hearted people who want to do something positive for improving the health of babies.
For that reason, it’s important for the public to know about the wasteful, cruel animal experiments funded by the March of Dimes that do nothing to benefit their cause. They waste millions of dollars addicting animals to drugs and alcohol to study the effects on newborns, sew animals’ eyes shut to study blindness and tried to transplant organs from one species to another, among other atrocities.
For detailed information, go to WWW.PCRM.ORG and enter “March of Dimes” in the search window.
Despite these experiments, the Center for Disease Control reports that birth defects are occurring more often. That is because human physiology is vastly different from animals. Trying to apply animal test results to humans is a waste of time and money. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) reports that 96 percent of animal tested drugs fail in humans.
Charities such as and fund humane, modern and effective non-animal research.
Thank you
James Wilson
Speed, IN 47172