Inbox – April 22, 2015

Republican double speak
It’s sickening and disgusting how Republican legislators believe in such buzz words and catch phrases as “integrity,” “personal responsibility” and “paying for what you get” except when it comes to someone having the integrity and accepting the personal responsibility of paying for what you get in regards to union dues with their so-called “Right To Work” legislation.
With “Right To Work” and, recently, the railroaded elimination of common construction wage by Republicans in Indiana, voters in the Hoosier state, Kentucky and across America had best wake up to the fact that the Republican Party has proven itself to be an outright enemy to the middle class and working people of this country and should be dealt with accordingly in upcoming election cycles, before they completely succeed in making this a nation of the haves and the have-nots — a goal that coincides with the intent of the fat-cat corporate elites who fund them with their ever-burgeoning secret campaign contributions.
Steven A. Ojeda
New Albany

Response to Ricky Jones
I’ve read/enjoyed the well written columns of Professor Ricky Jones since he started writing for LEO. The hostility in his last article, “An open letter to living black men,” seemed to jump off the page.
I can’t have the empathy he expresses since I’ve never been black; I was colored what they call white when born in Jersey City in the ‘20s and bought into the myths I knew from my boyhood. 
As an adult I cast off the shackles of religion and prejudice and have been basking in the glory of humanity itself in this wonderful country. Regardless of our color we need to cultivate less sloppy thinking and look out for each other.
Bob Moore

Who Liberals fear the most
It’s always fascinating to decipher who the liberals fear the most. The tell-tale sign is almost always the intemperate viciousness of their attacks in their lucid-free rhetoric. Really, “Joe McCarthy reincarnate, Ted Cruz,” “Cruz is simply a media whore,” and “Cruz may be the first candidate in my lifetime who has absolutely zero interest in helping others” (quoted from LEO Editor’s Letter April 22). This is what passes for persuasive argument on the left. Mr. Yarmuth apparently didn’t make it onto the debate team.
On the flip side, most Conservatives are hoping Hillary Clinton is in fact the Democrat nominee. Despite the fact that some liberals inexplicably still see her as brilliant, compassionate and experienced, and will blindly vote for her even if they have to hold their noses doing so. Most others see her as irredeemably corrupt and mendacious, and eminently beatable.
Ralph Koslik
The Highlands