Inbox – April 15, 2015


Rand Paul’s garish 2016 campaign has roared in with high tech theatrics and glitzy feel-goods. Glaring contradictions fester beneath Paul’s carefully calculated bombast. His “freedom” mantra is totally dictated by right-wing Republican extremists – not genuine libertarian conviction. Fake Libertarian Paul panders with his opposition to “gay rights.” Paul is no “outsider” – his failed GOP policies pour more wealth to the rich, while protecting tax-free corporations.

Paul simultaneously pretends “compassion” while coldly cutting the “safety nets” that safeguard the vulnerable in our society. Paul’s “less government” kills real people and makes millions miserable. Double-talking Paul’s greed-creed disguises deadly Darwinism.

Dare anyone ask: What are candidate Paul’s actual public-service accomplishments and qualifications for the most difficult job in the world? George W. Bush showed us what lasting damage an arrogant unqualified president can inflict on our fragile nation and the world. Enough Pretender Paul!

Michael Gregoire, 40207


Heiner’s Drug Testing Debacle

Kentucky’s next governor needs to have a thorough understanding of drugs and drug testing. Hal Heiner, who wants to drug test people for welfare benefits, obviously doesn’t. These programs have been a resounding failure in states that have tried them and a federal judge has ruled the practice unconstitutional. 

More importantly, the American Academy of Pediatrics, in a recent policy statement, came out AGAINST drug testing students. They listed several reasons, including that the drug test only tests for a few drugs and creates incentive to use drugs with shorter detection times or drugs that aren’t on the test. These drugs, including alcohol, are far more dangerous. Encouraging poor people, pilots, students or employees to use more dangerous drugs is bad policy. 

Hal Heiner and the citizens of the Commonwealth need to understand that the 25 year expansion of drug testing in our society is the single biggest reason that we have an overdose epidemic. The overdose death rate has increased sixfold since the widespread adoption of drug testing. Kentucky’s next governor needs to understand that drug testing is failed, counter-productive policy, just like the rest of the failed policies of the drug war. 

Tom Rector Jr., 40059


Superbugs in your burgers?

Need another reason to eat veggie burgers rather than hamburgers?

Researchers from Texas Tech University recently discovered that the antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in cattle feedlots can become airborne and can easily spread to humans, making it more difficult for doctors to treat life-threatening infections. Fortunately, everyone can help squash antibiotic-resistant superbugs, including E. coli, salmonella and MRSA, by eating tasty vegan foods instead of animal-based ones.

As long as people continue to eat meat, eggs and dairy products, cows, pigs, chickens and other animals will be crammed into feces-filled factory farms and feedlots, and slaughtered on killing floors that are contaminated with vomit, feces and other bodily fluids. Harmful bacteria flourish in these filthy, crowded conditions, and can spread and sicken people.

It’s much healthier—and kinder—for us to eat vegan foods, which are cholesterol-free, generally low in fat and don’t naturally harbor harmful bacteria.

Heather Moore, PETA Foundation