LEON: Police investigating pro-cannibis group in connection with recent surge of ‘pot’holes

On average, the City of Louisville fills nearly 18,000 potholes per year, costing taxpayers approximately $160,000 [actual fact], most of which come as a result of harsh winter-weather conditions. However, city officials have indicated that there has been an unusual rise in the number of potholes that does not reflect historic expectations. 

Police have turned the focus of their investigation to a local, pro-marijuana legalization group. The group, called Pot holes of America, whose slogan is “Make potholes not assholes” has been more and more active as the issue of legalization has picked up steam … or, uh, smoke.

A spokesperson for the group, Roy “Greeny” Wood, told reporters, “Our motto is in reference to how pot mellows people out, and makes them not assholes. We thought it was pretty funny.” 

He continued, “Just think about it, man. Who has the time or the energy to like, go dig up a bunch of potholes? I mean, we’re potholes, not assholes. See how awesome the motto is? Man.”

Car insurance companies estimate that potholes are costing Kentucky drivers nearly $1 billion per year in extra vehicle repair costs. 

Mr. Greeny said, “I know the fine people of Potholes of America would get out and help fill those potholes. Hey, you know what we should do? Pot some weed plants in there. Just grow it in the streets man. People will love that!”