LEON: Michael Moore announces plans for ‘most obnoxious theme park ever’

Controversial filmmaker and activist Michael Moore has announced plans to spearhead construction of the “most obnoxious theme park ever.” The park’s attractions will feature the highlights of Moore’s most prominent protests and controversies, including:

  • Shoots and Ladders, a Middle Eastern sniper adventure
  • Drones and Snowcones, a bystander’s perspective
  • Sicko Food Court
  • Bowling for Columbine Lanes

Visitors should also expect to hear never-ending replays of Mr. Moore’s most famous loudspeaker protests.

The development is planned for Williamstown, Kentucky, adjacent to the site for the Ark Encounter. A spokesperson for Mr. Moore said that they want the development to have a positive impact on the Williamstown economy, as well as realize maximum obnoxiousness to all those religious right-wingers going to the Ark Park.

If plans fall through for the initial site, they have indicated their intention to fallback to the second most obnoxious site … next to the Kentucky Motor Speedway.

Also, visitors donning Michigan State University hats will receive half off admission.