LEON: Coal-country Republicans respond to Obama’s emergency coal funding

Monday afternoon, the White House announced that President Obama is requesting $55 million in aid for the hard hit areas of Appalachia, particularly those affected by the shrinking number of coal jobs. The funds will go to promote job creation and training programs for the unemployed, and help diversify small, local economies. Kentucky is still the third largest coal producing state. 
Here is how some of the Republicans from the Kentucky delegation responded:

Mitch McConnell: “The president’s budget is a ridiculous document, full of wasteful spending and pet projects that cater to his liberal, West-coast base. But he knows he’s going to have to be nice to me if he wants to get anything done. It’s just fortunate the people of Kentucky have a leader like me. Me. Mitch. Leader. Me.”

Rand Paul: “This just stinks of inside baseball and political favoritism. I figured the White House would want to do some things in their last two years, not just paving the way for Hillary in 2016. Shhh, calm down interviewer-lady.”

Hal Rogers: “While I am pleased that the administration has suddenly taken an interest in these communities, I’m not sure why it took 7 years. While they were pushing food stamps down the throats of 27 percent of my constituents who don’t want a handout, they should’ve been worried about keeping those good mining jobs.”