LEON: Brian Williams gives startling report on escape to solitude

Brian Williams, the suspended NBC Nightly News anchor, has released a startling report about his recent trip to solitude. In a YouTube post uploaded late last week, Williams appears to have produced his own news report using his iPhone. In the report, he details his harrowing escape from all the attention, including some armed locals. Williams explains that he decided to take a vacation to an undisclosed location in the rural mountains of the Northeast in order to spend some time in self-reflection and let all of the attention die down. Then, according to the report, Williams was leaving a 7-11 when his car came under attack by a local terrorist cell, screaming something about Iraq. He said that security officials had warned him of the potential danger before he left, but did not expect it to come so quickly and without warning. After eluding his attackers, he hid in some nearby trees for several days, living off the land until it was safe to come out. But before he hid, he did get a chance to take a photo of his car coming under fire, which he uploaded to Facebook. •