Big Day Parade

Plastic Bubble (Jigsaw)

There are few regional analogs to Plastic Bubble, a kind of lo-fi sonic love affair that makes basement recordings sound large, like a modern day Magnetic Fields. The music here is dense, and, at times, a maximalist approach that is a particularly easy listen. There is a lot more going on with “Big Day Parade,” their latest and greatest, than with Plastic Bubble’s previous material, a feat just considering the sheer volume of their output. Tracks like “The Traveling Song,” featuring a wonderful female vocal lead and a rollicking kind of classic rock jaunt, mix things up. At 20 songs, it’s hard to have a cohesive sound, although Plastic Bubble manages to do so with a series of songs that jump and bend rock and pop genres at every turn. This is clever music made by people clearly dedicated to their craft.