Literary LEO 2015

The Storm Generation

Literary LEO was founded in 1993 as an open forum for unpublished, original work, representing the creative voice of our city. Among the contributors to that first issue was Kentucky’s outlaw poet, Ron Whitehead, who is also the subject of Jinn Bug’s first-place black and white photo “Iconoclast,” published on this issue’s cover. Based on technique, composition and artistic merit alone, Jinn Bug submitted a first-place photo. That the subject and title represent Literary LEO so fittingly magnifies its creative impact.

In his poem “The Storm Generation Manifesto,” Whitehead, and co-author Olafur Gunnarson, describe a new generation of artists who “tip their hats to the lost and the beat” and “know that the shortest distance between two points is creative distance.” Count the artists in this issue among that “fucking storm,” telling truth through creative expression, documenting the beauty in the point we inhabit even as they envision an ideal beyond.

The Winners

1st — ‘I still ride TARC (blahzay-blahzay)’ by Bernard Clay
2nd — ‘Everyone’ by Emmaly Saliga
3rd — ‘Being Picked Up by an Absent Father’ by Allyson Majors
Honorable Mention — ‘Tidy Mess’ by Glen Hilas

Short Fiction
1st — ‘The Kind of Story a Coat Tells’ by Kaitlyn Burd
2nd — ‘Blind Date’ by Edward Jesse Capobianco
3rd (tied) — ‘Snow Day’ by Peter Stavros
3rd (tied) — ‘Why I did Not Accept Your Invitation’ by Erin Fitzgerald
Honorable Mention — ‘A Different Kind of Haunting’ by E. Gail Chandler

Flash Fiction
1st — ‘A Load of Whites’ by Dallon Adams
2nd— ‘Good Neighbors Make Good Fences’ by Jinn Bug
3rd— ‘Home’ by Richard Hanson

Something Different
1st — ‘Dead at 30’ by Devin Katayama
2nd — ‘Never Say Never: A Multiple Choice Exam’ by Mary O’Dell
3rd — ‘Emergency Preparedness (an assembled poem)’ by Jean Tucker

Color Photography
1st — ‘‘Ville Moon Tracks’ by Keegan Kruse
2nd — ‘Untitled’ by Claire Krueger
3rd — ‘Dancing in the Liminal’ by Shadia Heenan
Honorable Mention — ‘Self Portrait as Lachesis’ by Jinn Bug
Honorable Mention — ‘Blue Afternoon’ by Dan Rubin
Honorable Mention — ‘Halloween’ by John Pike*

Black & White Photography
1st — ‘Iconoclast’ by Jinn Bug
2nd — ‘Iron Worker’s Tools’ by Nick Roberts
3rd — ‘Down by the River’ by Shadia Heenan
Honorable Mention — ‘We Are Homebodies’ by Jinn Bug
Honorable Mention — ‘Crew Boats in the Fog’ by Nick Roberts
Honorable Mention — ‘Midway Lemonade Stand’ by Nick Roberts