LEON: Legislation forces patients to not let their government get between them and their doctors

The Kentucky State Senate wasted no time reintroducing legislation that would force women to see doctors and wait 24 hours before “earning” the freedom to choose for themselves. Senate Bill 4, introduced by Sen. Julie Racque Adams (R-Louisville), requires pregnant women to have a face-to-face meeting with a healthcare provider at least one day before having an abortion.

Sen. Adams said, “I’m a woman. I know what women want. I know what women need. And before a woman goes to …”

Senate President Rob Stivers interrupted to say, “It’s 2015. Women are smart now. This legislation forces them to get all of the facts so they can use that intelligence responsibly.” 

Last year the same legislation, then the third senate bill passed (SB 3), never made it out of the House Health & Welfare Committee. However, Republicans in the Senate were determined not to let some godless liberals in the House keep them from getting a woman in to see her physician. 

Sen. Stivers continued to explain, “We are protecting women’s right to choose. That is a freedom we gave to them. All we are doing is protecting that freedom.” He also added, “Freedom isn’t free. In this case, it’s two trips to a judgmental doctor.”

Sen. Mike Wilson of Bowling Green told reporters, “I’ve said ever since I was conceived, life begins at conception, and someone has to be a voice for the conceived.”

The bill will be taken up by the House when the legislature comes back to session on February 3, where it will likely be aborted without consulting a physician.