Inbox – January 14, 2015

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‘We Built This City’
Kyle Meredith’s article (“Completely Obsessed,” Jan. 7) caught my eye since I produced and directed the music video for the much-maligned WBTC (“We Built This City”).
Kyle’s take on the villainous music-hating Blue Meanie wannabe hepcat who started the salacious campaign that left WBTC on her knees scorned but unbeaten is funny and accurate. She’s the proud progeny of mixed  pedigreed lineage: Bernie, Gracie and the magnificently voiced Mickey Thomas, a joyful mutation who truly seems to have overcome the slings and arrows of blue meanies everywhere. By the way, any thoughts on the music video which just happened to have been nominated for MTVs music video of the year?
All seriousness aside, I thought the article captured the true spirit of the song!
Francis Delia
San Fernando, CA

America is still the land of opportunity
My name is Yazeed and I am a Jordanian immigrant in Louisville. I would like to thank you for the impressive story of Rida Hassan, which is proof that America is still the land of opportunity and second chances for anyone who is looking to accomplish success in their life.
Thank you again. I am an avid fan of LEO Weekly and I am fluent in both Arabic and English.
Yazeed Husni