My Idiot Brother

When reading the many submissions for Literary LEO 2015, in poetry, short and flash fiction, I was motivated to join in the fun — because that is what it is all about. 

Oh the places you will go… LEO

It’s been six months since I took over LEO
What a perfect fit for my life’s credo.

The first thing I said, when I came in day one,
“We will do great things, but we have to have fun.”

So it has been, week out and week in
Recapping this story, I don’t know where to begin.

LEO was born at the time I was eight,
I could sense real early, it would be a lifelong mate.

Copies scattered throughout my dad’s car, 
We hand delivered them to every restaurant and bar.

I was even once put on the cover one year,
My friends still joke, still tease, and still jeer. 

Now my baby brother is all grown up, 
Although he’s still as playful as he was as a pup.

So was dad’s dream for this little magazine,
Some culture, some politics, and in the back… something obscene.

For the home of great voices, like Hunter and Ali,
LEO has always kept the greatest company. 

Yet, as you hope for any child,
LEO went away, but only for a while. 

For a few years our little paper decided to roam, 
But how happy we are, now that it’s home.

For this publication is about more than you think,
It’s much much more than just paper and ink.

It is more than just the writer’s weekly
It is making Louisville culture, your life

I feel so fortunate to know the people I do,
From our editor to our publisher and design guru.

I love the art coverage by Jo Anne Triplett, 
She has captured my eyes much more than a bit.

Scott Recker from Ohio, just hit the Louisville scene,
Don’t let his beard fool you, as the music
editor, he’s clean.

And what can I say about our editor, Laura Snyder,
No publication could ask for a better

Finally, there’s the wizard behind the paper we produce,
All credit to J. Cobb, our Batman, our Bruce. 

I love you so much for being part of the team,
You keep this whole thing from falling apart at the seam. 

For those who don’t know, this is a milestone year,
One we plan to celebrate with great fun and great cheer. 

LEO was started 25 years ago,
Oh my, where does the time go?

So I guess it’s my turn, as your big brother,
To say a few words on behalf of dad and mother.

May you brighten the lives of the people in this town.
Make them laugh when they cry, lift them up when they’re down.

Be fair to your friends, and help them stay afloat,
For a high tide will surely raise every boat.

Use care when covering a serious issue,
Or you’ll be used as toilet tissue.

Keep everything in perspective, and don’t let little things bother
You mean too much to too many, to be caught in that fodder.

As your older brother, I give you this advice,
Don’t worry when you screw up, just don’t do it twice.

You’re amazing, my brother, the way you
capture a crowd,
Oh, did I tell you, you’ve made dad so