Anwar Sadat
(Sick Room)

There is something so exceptionally frantic about the music of Anwar Sadat; it’s so visceral and lumbering that it seems ready to collapse under its own weight at any moment. The beauty though, aptly illustrated with “Obedience,” their newest EP, is that the trio never falters. Step by blistering step, Anwar Sadat adheres to the strategy set forth by generations of punk/indie rockers: get in, get out, leave them wanting more. This is the case, regardless of the all too brief runtime, an enigmatic 9:11, which is perhaps an allusion to the themes of cultural docility that seem corresponded through the lyrics. Or maybe it’s just a short album. Either way it’s a furious and unapologetic piece, with vocals that sneer and guitars that come unhinged, albeit one that at its core, has a strong sense of melody.