Mask of the Devil

Savage Master (Skol)

Hearing “Mask of the Devil,” the newest from themed-metalheads Savage Master, inspires in me a desire to slam PBR’s and burn shit, which I’m fairly certain is the point. Like old Megadeth and Metallica filtered through even more satanic/occult imagery, with a result that ought to make good church going folk want to roll up their windows and lock their doors when they drive by. Here you’ll find plenty of palm-muted chugs, thick guitar harmonies and soaring, female-driven vocals. This is an old-school blend of metal that harkens to a period a bit after pioneers like Black Sabbath, but before the rise of hair metal and the like. Tracks like “Kill Without Warning” lean especially hard into this, with a rousing and glorious chorus about obeying Satan, which should put their overall objective into perspective.