Stoned to Death

Fox and the Law
(Self Released)

A kind of T-Rex-style classic glam rock seems to be the trademark of Seattle quartet Fox and the Law. Their newest album, “Stoned to Death,” balances a whimsy that sees the band exploring heavy pop tropes and anthemic rock riffs, which makes for an easy-to-listen-to experience. Upon hearing the opener, “Cheap Talk,” my wife thought I was reviewing a rocked-out version of the “Saved By the Bell” theme song — which should at least tell you that they definitely aim to be catchy, even if that may not have been intended to resemble the theme to a show about a bunch of preppy kids and their superficial woes. But again, it is indicative that these are folks that want to just lay it down and have fun: a mission accomplished here. If you want classic rock chops and Jack White-style vocals, here you are.