LEON: Authorities search for Photabomber

Authorities are on the hunt for a man they are referring to as the “Photabomber.” They describe him as a medium-build Caucasian somewhere between the ages of 18 and 50, and believe he is somewhere at large in the Louisville area. 

What investigators once considered to be a series of random photo bombings in recent weeks now appears to be connected — even perpetrated by one man. Officials say there are several commonalities among the attacks, and that they are in the early stages of piecing together a trend. Using a combination of advanced Adobe Photoshop tools and forensic evidence, officials say they now believe all of the “bombings” to be the work of one individual. 

The most recent attack by the Photabomber, on Sen. Mitch McConnell, spread fear throughout the country. 

Spokesman Chris Poynter made this statement on behalf of Mayor Greg Fischer: “We are deeply troubled that this happened in our community. Louisville prides itself on being a peaceful, welcoming, trusting community. This wasn’t just a photo bombing of a political official, but a strike against democracy.”

Jay Kirke, an FBI investigator, said that he believes the Photabomber is not done yet. He explains, “We are not sure when or where at this time, but this individual probably has many more photos he intends to bomb.”

Officials are asking all citizens in Louisville and surrounding areas to heed the call of “see something, say something.” And while the Photabomber has a propensity to target heartless, self-serving political figures, like McConnell, he could strike anywhere.

Kirke warns, “While this target was political, we must stay alert at all times. No public place is safe from the Photabomber. One day it’s the voting booth, but the next it could be at our places of worship, or wherever a group of sorority girls are making duck lips.” *