Inbox – November 26, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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‘Louisville runners,’ I agree

I agree with much of what Rich Givan said. Many runners are totally oblivious to their surroundings, cocooned by earbuds, etc. And many are disrespectful of other people around them. As a runner who prefers to hear sirens and vehicle horns rather than being run over, I don’t listen to music while running (jogging, according to Mr. Givan). Also, I run on sidewalks whenever possible. I am continually amazed at the number of runners and walkers who occupy the vehicle lanes when there are perfectly good sidewalks right beside them.

Robert P. Frederick, Millgate Road, 40223


Yarmuth on Catholic Schools and Science

LEO’s Nov. 12, 2014, “Editor’s Note” smears Catholic schools and Republicans as dimwits on science and geography, plus asserts that Republicans dislike women, minorities, the poor, etc.

Why did a local school ask a teacher back from Kenya to take 21 days off with pay? (That’s a vacation, not waterboarding. Certainly not being “victimized.”)

Some weeks prior, the U.N.’s W.H.O. put Kenya on a short list of countries at HIGH RISK for Ebola. Why? Lots of daily flights from Liberia. That’s how Ebola got to the U.S., too. Did the teacher touch an airport bathroom doorknob after an Ebola carrier sneezed on it while on layover from Liberia? Who knows? The miles from Liberia to Kenya are just as irrelevant as the miles from New York or Texas.

The editorial insists “science” already knows everything about Ebola. If so, pre-existing protocols should make it impossible for medical staff to get it, yet the majority of Ebola cases in the U.S. are doctors and nurses who treated Ebola patients. In contrast, virtually no medical personnel caught AIDS from patients in the ’80s. Clearly there’s more to learn about Ebola.

If Republicans dislike women and minorities, why are 80 percent of female governors Republican? Why do Republicans and Democrats have the same number of black senators? Here’s a partial list of leading Republican women or minorities: Thomas Sowell, Nikki Haley, Walter E. Williams, Susana Martinez, Bobby Jindal, Joni Ernst, Will Hurd, Condi Rice, Allen West, Kelly Ayotte, Ben Carson, Elise Stefanik, Tim Scott, Shelley Capito, Clarence Thomas, Jan Brewer, Herman Cain, Michelle Malkin, Deroy Murdock, Mia Love, Larry Elder, Michele Bachmann, Charles Payne, Sarah Palin and Lloyd Marcus. I could go on, but I’m already past LEO’s 350-word limit. Try to imagine Al Sharpton debating any one of them.

If Aaron had taken a moment to google “Ebola” and “Kenya” rather than wasting words boasting about his master’s degree and unique water-boiling knowledge, he’d have known there were perfectly logical reasons to consider Kenya “high risk.” The school shouldn’t be allowed to teach science or geography? Good grief.

Gary F. Smith, Hikes Point


Response to Brian Butler

A constitutional crisis of Obama’s making? Armageddon? With all due respect to Brian Butler (who happens to be an acquaintance of mine), this is an overblown assertion.

Executive orders are part and parcel of governing and have been used regularly by presidents, including the Bushes, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. Reagan and George W. Bush, at various times, issued executive orders granting temporary legal status to immigrants, which is exactly what Obama is doing. Curious that no constitutional crisis claims were made by the Republicans then. If any of the orders exceed the president’s authority, the court will rectify this. That is how the system works.

No less than 68 of 100 senators voted to reform immigration laws. It is widely acknowledged that a healthy majority of the present House of Representatives would vote for the reforms proposed, but a right-wing minority refuses to allow it to come to a vote, and they hold the Republican speaker hostage.

The president has repeatedly called for a vote and warned that if Congress would not act, he would. The immigration situation has cried for reform for many years.

Mr. Butler’s assertions of Obama overreach reminds one of the Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity rhetoric (“imperial president,” “constitutional crisis,” “assault on the Constitution.”) This all comes from the same bunch who supported the shutdown of the government when they refused to compromise for the good of the country, costing us billions of dollars. Please spare us this rhetoric and put your efforts into getting the speaker to schedule a vote on immigration reform.

Elgin L. Curl, Cherokee Triangle