LEON: Voter opinion of McConnell spending $1.8 million in personal funds for the final week of campaign

Senator Mitch McConnell has personally lent $1.8 million of his own money for the final week of his campaign. LEON wanted to find out what likely voters thought of this decision.

Nearly 6 out of 10 voters indicated they feel the senator is simply a greedy, self-serving person who will do anything to achieve a personal, professional goal of becoming senate majority leader.

McConnell himself has in fact campaigned on that issue, telling the crowd at a stop in Eastern Kentucky, “We have a chance to put a Kentuckian in a very unique position to influence the course of events in the nation and in our state.” He then added, “And that Kentuckian could be me. ME!”

Those polled also expressed similar sentiments for the senator trying to prove he is “too big to fail” and that one person can be powerful enough to actually buy an election.

Finally, in a statistical tie were those unsure of or having no opinion of the senator’s unfettered spending, as well as those who believe the $1.8 million was his way of showing in dollars how much he cares.