LEON: Police refuse release of racial-profiling study, citing, “There’s nothing to see here”

Last week, the Louisville community was discouraged when a much anticipated release of a racial-profiling study never materialized. The yearlong study, conducted by the Louisville Metro Police, was held back from public view. The police at the scene told onlookers and media to “move it along.”

Interested organizations and curious individuals, such as civil rights leaders and the American Civil Liberties Union, made multiple attempts to get a peek at the report, but were told repeatedly, “Let’s keep things moving” and “There’s absolutely nothing to see here.” 

All evidence at the scene points to the contrary. A flurry of activity at the scene suggests there is in fact something to see. Police officers, investigators and other emergency personnel clamored beyond the perimeter established around the podium where a press conference was scheduled to take place. However, when something unexpected happened, the entire area was closed to the public and marked off by yellow caution tape. 

What exactly transpired is unknown at this time. 

Police officials say that they will make an announcement when there is something to report, but at this time it is just too early to speculate on what may have transpired. 

A spokesperson from the ACLU told reporters, “There is obviously something behind that caution tape that the police don’t want us to see.”

Police declined to respond to the accusations, but insisted that all of the precautions are being taken to ensure the public’s safety. Officer Fred Carisch, who was working the crowd-control line, said, “It’s mostly just people wanting to see what’s going on back there. I told them, ‘It’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s just a report about racial profiling. There’s really no reason to be alarmed, but I’m going to need you to move along.’”  

There has been no indication as to the condition of the report.