Inbox – October 29, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Response to Ziegler’s ‘profound ignorance’

I enjoy reading Republican pundit opinion pieces because you are always rewarded with a tasty nugget of profound ignorance. John Ziegler’s “Midterm elections for dummies” in your October 22, 2014, edition did not disappoint. He posits that turnout in midterm elections is lower because “those who care least about the process (and therefore tend not to vote in midterm elections) are far more likely to be Democrats because they usually come from the group that pays little or nothing in taxes.” It should not be necessary to remind Mr. Ziegler, but EVERYONE, including Democrats, pays taxes! They are impossible to escape because they are withheld from wages when earned or collected at the point of sale by the party providing a product or service. Even the bum hustling quarters on Fourth Street pays taxes when he buys a hamburger or a bottle of wine. This constant Republican mantra that only “the makers” pay taxes vividly reveals their total detachment from the real world either by genuine belief or political expedience. Either way, it is breathtaking.

Danny Thomas, 40204


Response to In Visible Ink

Mr. Gardner, I enjoyed the In Visible Ink column [“Rev. Cosby’s support for Judge McLaughlin called out on Twitter”]. However, I’m puzzled about what Rev. Cosby was quoted as saying in your conversation with him. He said, “Show me any time in which St. Stephen has benefitted financially from a politician.”

As I can recall, St. Stephen Baptist as well as Canaan (at the time Baptist) Christian churches received funding from city government through the mayor’s outside agency. One received $400,000, the other $250,000. I know this because I was secretary to the administrator who handled these funds. Look at city records of outside agency funding dating somewhere between 1996 and 2000. These archives should also include funding appropriated through the Board of Aldermen.

Yes, some politician did help his and other churches get “taxpayer” funding.

Carolyn White


Response to Editor’s Note

 In his October 22 column, Aaron Yarmuth asks the question, “Again, what do the numbers tell you,” regarding the Senate election and older voters. I’ll tell you what they tell me. In the 2010 election, the last non-presidential election year, 57 percent of the registered 18-to-44 age population voted, compared to 81 percent of the registered 65-and-over age population,  according to the U. S. Census Bureau.   

It is disingenuous of Mr. Yarmuth to suggest, perhaps subliminally, that older voters should not make the effort to get to the polls because it is difficult for them to do so, especially if they already know that Senator McConnell is going to win re-election anyway. It seems to me that the older voters have a lot more motivation than the young. In an election that may very well hinge on turnout, that may burst Mr. Yarmuth’s expectation fantasy bubble.

And Mr. Yarmuth, please don’t insult conservatives by referring to Alison Lundergan Grimes as a conservative Democrat. She is a liberal, but not proud of it.

 Ralph Koslik, Highlands


LEO Sabotage or Popularity?

My Thursday routine for the past seven months has been to get lunch from a popular food truck outside my downtown office and then pick up the current issue of LEO from the nearby newsstand. To my surprise, the newsstand was completely empty last Thursday. This was odd to me, since LEO comes out with a new weekly on Wednesdays, and that newsstand had rarely been less than half full when I’ve picked up a new issue every Thursday. But no worries, I thought, I’ll pick up an issue at a location near my house on my rush-hour commute. To my shock, that newsstand was also empty.

When watching TV last night, a Mitch McConnell attack ad came on and I had an epiphany: Is it possible that a McConnell staffer/volunteer(s) ransacked LEO newsstands to avoid reputable negative press being seen by well-read voters this close to Election Day? Or maybe readers, in record numbers at multiple locations, scooped up this particular issue of LEO (“Mitch McConnell: Hollow Leader”) at a frantic pace in less than 24 hours?

Damon Mims, St. Matthews