Inbox – October 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor

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Open Letter To Mitch McConnell

Dear Senator,

You have been calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and your confederates in the house have tried to overturn this law a total of over 50 times. I understand that if you are re-elected you will continue your attack on this law. As a citizen of the Commonwealth and a voter, I would appreciate your answering the following seven questions:

1. Would you repeal the section of the law that gives a woman free mammograms, and other free preventive benefits to both men and women?

2. Would you repeal the section of the law that prevents insurance companies from refusing to cover anybody because of a pre-existing condition?

3. Would you repeal the section of the law that allows a son or daughter to remain on his/her parents’ health insurance until 26 years old?

4. Would you repeal the section of the law that prevents the insurance company from dropping a policy holder’s insurance for any reason except for fraud?

5. Would you repeal the section of the law that closes the Medicare drug benefit “Doughnut Hole,” saving seniors billions of dollars?

6. Would you repeal the section of the law that gives tax credits for small businesses to buy health insurance?

7. And finally, Mitch, would you repeal the section of the law that prevents an insurance company from placing limits on the policy holders’ benefits?

I believe voters would appreciate your answering the above seven questions  in order to make an informed decision on the very important 2014 Senate election.

Thank you,

Richard Duglin, 40241



Bill Goodman: “Welcome to the first and only debate between this year’s Kentucky senatorial candidates, Senator Mitch McConnell and Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. I’m Bill Goodman, your host for tonight’s in-depth discussion. On behalf of Kentucky Educational Television, I thank the League of Women Voters for underwriting this last-ditch attempt to coax real positions on public issues out of the candidates.

“Let me begin with a question for Senator McConnell. This summer, some Kentucky Catholics who live in the coal country defied Washington and Frankfort by refusing to go on Daylight Saving Time, after the bishop of Covington insisted that Galileo was wrong and that the sun revolves around the Earth. What do you think?”

McConnell: “I’m not an astronomer, so I can’t comment.”

Goodman: “Ms. Grimes, some tobacco farmers in Western Kentucky claim that President Obama is Rastafarian and that the First Lady has been seen wearing dreadlocks in the private quarters of the White House. Do you agree?”

Grimes: “As everyone knows, I’m a Clinton Democrat, and Hillary is Methodist and is always immaculately coiffed in public and in private.”

Goodman: “Senator McConnell, a reporter at LEO Weekly has charged that you wear elevator shoes whenever you appear on the same stage with Ms. Grimes. Is that true?”

McConnell: “I’m not a podiatrist, so I can’t comment.”

Goodman: “Ms. Grimes, most commentators agree that you are the daughter of former state representative Jerry Lundergan, who resigned his seat in the Kentucky General Assembly after he was convicted of an ethics violation. Is that true?”

Grimes: “I respect the sanctity of the family tree and refuse to answer. Besides, I haven’t seen any of my relatives in years.”

Goodman: “Senator McConnell, The Lexington Herald has charged that you don’t have the guts to appear before large crowds of uninvited listeners as you travel around the state. Is that true?”

McConnell: “I’m not a gastroenterologist, so I can’t comment.”

Goodman: “That concludes tonight’s debate. For more information on the candidates and their positions on the issues, watch their attack ads between now and November 4.”

Isaac McDaniel, 40220