Brohemian Rap City

Rabbit on Acid

It’s hard to get a good handle on what Rabbit On Acid is all about. There is a jazz guitar element to the Louisville-based bands music, not unlike a lo-fi Nels Cline or what you’d imagine from a John McLaughlin basement jam session, without the rock pretense or virtuosic highs of either. This isn’t to say that Brohemian Rap City, their recently-released debut, is without charm or that the playing is sloppy or unrefined, but that kind of stark simplicity is their primary currency. Of course, it’s a bit dismissive to refer to this as merely simplistic, as this is not a reflection on performance, but rather on the stripped-down nature of the album. What you’ll find here are guitars paired accordingly with synths, and definitely no vocals; this is more the score to a nice evening alone, than anything bombastic or soaring, and that’s just fine.