Way Out Weather

Steve Gunn

Assuming the vernacular here, vis-a-vis “way out” as a righteous analog, then there is definitely truth in advertising: This is definitely sunny, breezy weather music. There is an airiness at play throughout the whole record that lends a kind of whimsy throughout, one tempered by the introspective content and Robert Fripp-like guitar qualities that Gunn brings to the table. Gunn comes off like a slightly congested Beck by way of Kurt Vile, not so much nasal in the evenly delivered tones of his vocals, as an almost mellow baritone. Songs like “Milly’s Garden” emphasize the classic rock qualities of Gunn’s music, a tribute to acts like Neil Young and The Rolling Stones that uses melodic interplay and deep sonic texture as its currency. It’s worth noting the hesitation in his voice that implies a tenderness to his music that would be otherwise missed.