Tut Tut

The Filipino Snares

Living out of town for a bit about a decade now gone, I had an objective, sociological comparison between my fair city and anywhere else. Denver, with its usually pleasant weather, produced usually pleasant music. Louisville, with its high humidity, had an unusually moody and often agro musical output, an attribute I widely ascribed to everyone, at least until recently. The Filipino Snares, much like their peers White Reaper, offer up something fun and light, but not saccharine. I use the word “nostalgia” carefully nowadays, but not only is there an alt-radio tunefulness here, but tracks like “Well, I Suppose” specifically tackle the haze of youth, adding to the already relaxed, spacey surf vibe found throughout the album. Tut Tut is imbued with the spirit of chilling out, and just letting things happen, which might not be Louisville specific, but is certainly a welcome change.