Side A / Side B

Nemo Achida

Released as two separate EPs, Nemo Achida’s run of consistently good, if not great, hip-hop continues. Side A is produced by Jet Taylor, B by Pinky Liberachi, with one self-produced cut. Former Bad Boy singer Cheri Dennis, lately going by “Cheri Coke,” features on “Sweat,” a forgettable sex cut that’s preceded by a skit/phone call that he seems to think is funny, but only makes me think of the recent #YesAllWomen trend. A shame. The rest of the EPs bounce back better, the updated chipmunk soul of the production suitably vibey and head-nodding. There’s a consistency with Achida that if you enjoy one song on these EPs, chances are you’re going to enjoy the rest. As with all of Achida’s releases, we have yet to get that star-making single that will break him out of the blog-rap set.