Satans On His Way and He Wants His Drugs

Touch AC x Filthy Rich
(Probable Cause Productions)

It’s easy to want to side-eye this album off its title alone. Only the quality of Filthy Rich’s past work clears this first hurdle. His participation in one of my favorite Louisville records of all time (Actual People’s “Look Harder”) is enough to press play with a clean palate. Touch Armor Class does a good job balancing his complex wordplay with a strong sense of humor, never letting the album spiral too far out one way or the other. Rich’s soundtrack is a brooding industrial sludge built for dark, smoke-filled rooms, and Touch plays with these moods, drawing on his religious upbringing with equal nods given to science fiction, fantasy and other brands of fiction, his sometime poet influencing his rapper persona in a way most are too timid to embrace. Listen with the lights out.