Inbox – September 3, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Bill Stone and Right to Work

Dear Editor,

It was no surprise to read in LEO (Aug 27) that longtime state Republican leader Bill Stone thinks a Right-to-Work-for-Less law would make our state more competitive with neighboring states. My hunch is he limits his information to what he hears from his friends in the GOP and the Chamber of Commerce. That kind of thought process is known to researchers as “bounded rationality.” Together, these like-minded folks have convinced themselves that anti-labor laws save companies lots of money and therefore attract jobs from other states. They repeat their mantra to everyone within earshot expecting that repetition will make it the truth. It seems they prefer slogans to scientific research.

 This means they ignore all those research studies which indicate that job creation depends on many factors such as infrastructure, proficiencies of the workforce, location, state government incentives, regional quality of life, economic conditions, company strategic plans and even the climate conditions.

 Here are some cases worth considering. Why did Mitt Romney start Bain Capital in Boston? Volkswagen officials in Tennessee have stated repeatedly that they are willing to work with labor unions. Why are they so willing? Kentucky managed to secure the Toyota plant while Tennessee got a Saturn plant that has gone out of business. How did that happen?

Tom Louderback, 40205


Response to Petrino 2.0

Dear Fritz Louis [writer of the 8/27 article “Petrino 2.0”],

Our society has absolutely forgotten the word and meaning of INTEGRITY.  Our young and impressionable student athletes need positive role models to help them succeed with a solid and strong foundation. Not excuses to bend and/or break the rules because “everybody is doing it.”  Money, job, recruits, name recognition, wins, bowl games, etc., are most fantastic and I want all of those things, but not at the expense of kids who need the right path taken.  

These kids are confused enough and they definitely do not need any help in taking the easy way out.  Integrity is what holds the fabric of our society together. Without integrity, there can be no strong and lasting foundation for these young kids and their children. Thank you and keep on making us think.  No game for me this round.

Bill Epperson