Local electronic music is scarce, but Beacons seems eager to change that. With “Home,” their debut album, the duo of Corey Wood and Louis Bowman offer up a nine-track sampling that seems determined to map out the entirety of the electronic music landscape from more ambient offers such as opener “Anatomy Theater,” to the ephemeral Björk-esque splendor of “Elise,” to the indie-hop of the Touch AC-fronted “Floaty Lows.” That’s a lot of ground to cover, but by and large Beacons pulls that off, effectively inducing a variety of atmospheric textures all within the electric paradigm. While the theme of each track tends to vary, the quality of the individual samples employed seems remarkably static — something a bit of experimentation with the constituent bits of sound could fix easily; the composition is already on point. Still, “Home” is a strong start, and one to be part of.