Definitely Now

Liam Bailey
(Flying Buddha/Sony)

The blues, especially as it intersects with rock music, is a well-mined vein. How do you get something fresh out of a genre so well tread? Liam Bailey seems intent on answering this on “Definitely Now,” his newest record. I can’t say that he necessarily breathes fresh air into the genre, although the press packet sure wants you to think so. I’m told there are hints of British post-punk and even some reggae, although you’d have to really dig to make that comparison. The songs here are perfectly serviceable, showcasing in equal parts Bailey’s soulful voice and guitar savvy. The bulk of the album plays like the soundtrack to Roadhouse, albeit as filtered through Jeff Buckley and strangely a little David Lee Roth. This is all to say that Bailey’s music needs to be on a jukebox in a smoky bar filled with regret.