Canto Secondo

Il Sogno Del Marinaio

The newest in a long line of excellent, if eccentric, projects by legendary bassist Mike Watt, Il Sogno Del Marinaio defies any easy characterization. It should go without saying, given Watt’s involvement, that the level of musicianship here is unparalleled. For example, in lesser hands the track “Skinny Cat” would come off as instrumental detritus, like the worst parts of post rock condensed into one song. Instead, Watt and friends offer nuanced tracks that are truly a synthesis of styles. There is definitely a Minutemen/fIREHOSE vibe, but the trio manages to find a balance between musical complexity and a good pop structured song. The vocals on the record are few and far between, ranging from gruff spoken word to softly sung passages, which may be a stumbling block for those inclined for a more narrative record.