Ballad of Jon

Jonathan Glen Wood

 As a member of Old Baby, Sexy Minotaur, Jaye Jayle, and the duo Lowe & Sutherland, it was hard to imagine what to expect with Jonathan Glenn Wood’s debut solo effort. With “Ballad of Jon,” Wood leans heavily on the Americana influence that is so part and parcel of too much of his efforts. The album is sublimely country, playing like the best George Jones or Conway Twitty record you’ve ever heard full of strut and even a little 80’s bluster. The tracks here range from gentle songs, like the title track or “Blue Mountain,” to “Halls of Heartache,” “Fresh in my Mind,” or “Stranger” that sound as if they were designed for a jukebox in a bar with nothing but domestics on tap, and cheap games of pool. This is narrative music that aims to tell a good story, and hits the target admirably.