Pacific Midwest

Andy Matter

It’s clear that Pacific Midwest, the debut solo effort from multi-instrumentalist Andy Matter, is a labor of love. The songs are catchy and simple and aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel — just a couple of good hooks jangling to freedom. There’s a definite ’90s nostalgia, from the fuzzed-out guitar tones to the lo-fi recordings, which lend the affair more than a little charm; this sounds like it was written and recorded in a garage. That said, this is all pretty straightforward stuff. Songs like “Simply B Natural” or “Plain Clothes Officer” sound like grungy Weezer, where other songs like “Carbonation” that have a bit more energy seem to have a Dinosaur Jr. vibe. The sticking point for some here might be the vocals, which warble and fall flat at times, but somehow still manage to charm.