You a Thousand Times

Kyle James Hauser

Our capacity to imagine a perfect love, which escapes us in reality, forms the basis of much internal (as well as interpersonal) conflict. On You, lovesick daydreamer Kyle James Hauser airs his fantasies and fears of romance in nearly all of its myriad forms. In fact, the titular “you” may not be any individual at all, but rather love itself. The main draw here is Hauser’s skillful pop arrangements, which nimbly bounce from hushed, finger-picked guitar to explosive, cathartic crescendos, anchored by his band’s technical proficiency. This proficiency becomes a burden, however, on tracks like “Lonely’s What I’m Leaving,” where polyrhythmic percussion and a bass stuck on “solo” mode threaten to drown out the otherwise front-and-center songwriter. But Hauser pays them little mind, too busy formulating new angles from which to approach the object of his affection.