Little Voices


D’Arkestra accurately describes its music as “post-rock and indie-jazz.” Led by saxophonist/composer Drew Miller, the band includes many of our best younger players (Graeme Gardiner, Carlie Schoner, Mike Smith, Joey Thieman, Wade Honey, Jose Oreta, Zack Kennedy, Brandon Coleman) in a context that is not swing or bop. Opener “Hold” embodies the amalgamation of styles, with synthesizer, soulful horns and soaring, seemingly stacked vocals. “Ray of Light” also begins with spacey synth-work, soon augmented with drums, before the horns come through halfway into the 6:15 song, with still more changes unfolding before it’s over. “Already Gone” inventively harkens back to good ol’ rock ’n’ roll. Zappa influences “Unorthodox Juice,” leading into Zappa’s own “Regyptian Strut.” As good and diverse as the album is, D’Arkestra live is even better. Keep your eyes peeled for their gigs.