Inbox — June 11, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Smashin’ Compassion
Joe Sonka’s story about labor pains and city workers (LEO Weekly, May 21) painfully reminded me of the reasons why I’ve lost interest in the Mayor’s Compassionate City program. My friends know me as the kind of person who believes in humanitarian causes. So, I felt naturally drawn to the idea of a community that believes “compassion is common ground and a unifying force in our polarized world.” Looking around me, I see friends and neighbors all around Louisville who seem like naturally friendly people. Why not? Why not here? Let’s be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

About the same time, I became a union steward in Metro government. Nothing much exciting happened in the first few months. Then, things heated up. The list is much too long for this space. Suffice it to say that I witnessed troubling things I hadn’t anticipated. Whatever happened to “paying it forward”? When the mayor compartmentalizes his commitment to these practices, isn’t he breaking the circle? It’s too hard for me to take this talk about compassion seriously. I’ll move on to other good causes.
Tom Louderback, Highlands

Hey You Guys!
Marsha Lynch’s May 28 column on the discourtesy of restaurant staff really struck a nerve with me. I think this phenomenon is often inadvertent and largely generational. My pet peeve is when my sweetheart and I are addressed as “you guys.” (We are a guy-gal, young senior couple.) I’m tempted to fix the evil eye on the offending server and say, “Well, the last time I looked, I had NOT had a sex-change operation.” I suspect that’s a little too obscure to be understood by most, plus, I don’t want to be hurtful.

The English language, despite its shortcomings, provides a perfectly acceptable form of address for one or more persons, and that word is “YOU.” Those who cannot accept “you” as a plural could say “you both” (for two) or “all of you” for three or more, i.e., “How are all of you today?”

Those of us who hail from the deep South also find “y’all” acceptable, but only for addressing more than one person.
Patricia Barnwell, Highlands

Clearing Up the Signal
Regarding the “Making waves” story in the May 7 LEO Weekly: Crescent Hill Radio and Forward Radio are in what the FCC terms a Mutually Exclusive (MX) Group, which means both organizations applied for the same frequency.

I started CHR in 2010, to help promote local musicians and to help promote community efforts. I found out about the Low Power FM opportunity in 2011, and we at CHR have worked for the past three years toward that goal. The FCC works on a “point system” in which applicants receive up to 5 points, 4 of which are given for pledging to do the very things CHR has done for four years. The other point is awarded to tribal communities, so every applicant in Louisville is tied with 4 points.

Knowing there would be few channels available, I tried to reach out to other applicants. I succeeded in connecting with ART+FM, and we agreed to apply for different channels. At that time, I also reached out to Forward Radio through their Facebook page and website and received no reply.

The FCC gives applicants in an MX Group the opportunity to time-share, or wait for the upcoming window to amend your application in order to receive a channel that was not applied for. Because once the decision to share is made, we will have no other opportunity to ever get our own. We at CHR are waiting for that window.

I wish Forward Radio all the best, but we just want to see if it’s possible to get our own frequency.
Kathy Weisbach, Crescent Hill Radio

Still Outraged
In a world where everything seems to be changing by the minute, there is comfort in knowing there is still some stability, a sense of continuity with the past. Case in point is “whatever became of” David Hawpe’s guest column in LEO bemoaning the 33-percent Democrat voter turnout in Louisville’s 9th Metro Council District. As egregious and intemperate as ever, Hawpe uses as analogy the abduction of voting officials and issuing of death threats in Ukraine. Still and apparently forever outraged. Ever the finger-wagging scold.
Ralph Koslik, Highlands