Strange Journey, Volume 3


At this point in their career, CunninLynguists have proven themselves as highly consistent hip-hop connoisseurs, with a fondness for dissecting and discussing humanity and society. Their latest, Strange Journey, Volume 3, is a smooth, relaxing ride, formed around sparse rock and blues-embedded beats that exude a peaceful feeling amid the serious lyrics. Their introspective approach imbues tracks like “In the City,” “Beyond the Sun” and “Dying Breed” with a wise soulfulness that captures the essence of our struggles, as well as the hope that exists. Volume 3 comes loaded with quality guest spots, a veritable who’s who ranging from the Aesop Rock and Sadistik tongue-twister fueled “Castles” to Tonedeff’s frenetic verses on electro-hype closer “Urutora Kaiju.” Volume 3 shows CunninLynguists’ journey is far from over, and they’re enjoying the ride.