State of the U.N.I.O.N.

Truth B. Told

Having released a series of guerilla/mixtape-style albums in recent years, Truth B. Told (along with Paris Toon and Mothers Favorite Child) drops his first disc with all-original and sample-free live backing. State shows a more aggressive Truth in its brief playing time, with the back-to-back come-on of “Discovery” and the defense of a significant other’s “Conversation.” Truth’s sense of humor comes through even in the frustration his subject matter reflects. It’s not a perfect U.N.I.O.N. No song surpasses the three-minute mark, and the project doesn’t breathe, leaping erratically from one to the next. The closer, a heartfelt tribute to a lost friend, takes what air is left out of the disc’s lungs, even acknowledging the necessity of its inclusion here. While full of quoteables and impressive wordplay, this EP is for current fans only.