Foxy Shazam

Dare I call this toned-down Foxy? Impossible. The Cincinnati band is back to DIY life, albeit with Steve Albini behind the boards, and while the glam-rock shine is a bit more muted this time, all the bombast of previous records is still accounted for. Recording together live in the same room adds a texture that for most bands I’d hate, but the dirtiness of the recording suits these songs well. Singer Eric Nally, even if he’s turned down a couple notches, is still one of the most giving and ebullient frontmen in modern music. “Poem Pathetic” and “Brutal Truth” are a one-two punch more than worth the price of admission, which in this case is a free download, but hey. Gonzo doesn’t have a stadium rocker in the mode of “I Like It,” though it isn’t missed.