Be Good

Heidi Howe

Heidi Howe is an earnest songwriter who lays her memories on the floor. Broken and hopeful, when she sings, it rings with yearning. She neither strains her chords nor shies away from melodizing “I love you” more than once. Her voice still is young and contained; not big, but more acute. It all comes from a country singer’s heart, whose words don’t wholly reflect a country lifestyle. The Louisville native’s songs are more like personal travels; not exactly set in rural landscapes, but in the spirit of the countryside’s desolate tranquility. On her sixth studio completion, Be Good, Howe takes no scrubs. Some parts are still broken — like the cracked heart left behind in “Souvenir” — yet she still offers forgiving well wishes to the relative memory of “you.” Fans of laid-back country ballads will enjoy this.