Somewhere Else

Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless created a buzz three years ago with the release of Indestructible Machine, an album rooted in cow-punk grit. But this time around, she’s sporting a sound closer to the Pretenders than Jason and the Scorchers. Somewhere Else is about desire, of looking, longing and waiting — for an old lover in “Really Wanna See You,” for the taste of a kiss in “Wine Lips” and for, well, you know, in the song “Head.” This is an honest set of songs, for sure, ones that will worm their way into your ears and might even get under your skin, but what really makes the album is Loveless herself with that voice. It soars, it bites, it sneers, it caresses — all with a wisdom that makes you wonder how many bloody lives this 23-year-old has led.