… It’s Jayle Time

Jaye Jayle

Jaye Jayle is the boozehound alter ego of Evan Patterson, best known as the frontman of the vicious rock group Young Widows. But fans of Patterson’s other band, Old Baby, will find the most to love here, as … It’s Jayle Time offers a more stripped-down version of the psychedelic blues sound that band does so well. This singer-songwriter project is better suited to a ghost town saloon than a coffee shop open mic, with spacious, hypnotic acoustic strums evoking the sort of desperate loneliness that can only arise after sufficient time spent alone with one’s demons on a desolate landscape. Sure, the spoken-word “Introduction” is kinda corny, but it’s worth indulging Jayle and his merry band of Jaylebyrds in order to properly set the scene for this impressive, loosely conceptual collection of ramblin’ tunes.