Fergie: A Tribute to Steve Ferguson

Wayne Young

Before NRBQ co-founders Terry Adams and Steve Ferguson actually met, Adams heard Ferguson playing “Eight Miles High.” “He wasn’t just copying the record,” Adams recalls, “he was putting himself into it.” The same is true of Wayne Young’s playing on Fergie. At times, Young rips off licks reminiscent of Ferguson’s unique guitar style, but it’s about influence, not imitation. The 12 Ferguson compositions range from the NRBQ classic “Flat Foot Flewzey” to such tunes as “Hi Di Ho,” “Outer Space Boogie” and “Lyin’ Cheatin’ Blues” from Ferguson’s solo albums. Several musicians who worked with Ferguson join Young in recreating Ferguson’s “Midwest Creole” blend of rock, swing and New Orleans funk, enhanced by horns, a vocal choir and excellent arrangements. Ferguson and Young fans will love this heartfelt tribute, which could earn new fans for both.