Away With Words

Craig Tweddell

Trumpeter Craig Tweddell’s debut blends the classic jazz instrumentation of acoustic bass (Luke McIntosh), drums (Zack Kennedy) and tenor saxophone (Dave Kana) with the sparkling sound of the Fender Rhodes (Todd Hildreth), resulting in a feel similar to transitional Miles albums such as Filles de Kilimanjaro. Opener “Killing Two Birds with One’s Tone” sets the pace, a fast trumpet/drums intro leading into ensemble work with inspired soloing. “Blueisville” is soulful, recalling the Blue Note hard bop heyday; likewise, “A New Ideal.” “Thank You Jonathan Larson” is an exploratory low-key piece for “Rent”’s author/composer. On the resolutely swinging “Walkin’ with Shell,” Hildreth lays an organ-like bed for lyrical trumpet and sax solos. “Grin, and Barret” opens with a fast bop head before moving into post-bop territory. The title tune is last, with a swaying bossa feel.