Set the Cotillion on Fire!

Thee Floating Caskets

Thee Flying Caskets exhibit very little pretense to be anything other than fun times rock ’n’ roll/punk. Fortunately, the fun in this record doesn’t come at the cost of a well-crafted song, nor is it meant to imply any immaturity. Built solidly around the traditional guitar/bass/drums, Thee Flying Caskets utilize organ sounds, and vocal harmonies that somehow manage to sound like the Beach Boys if they had listened to the Ramones. The production on Set the Cotillion on Fire! smartly eschews slick production in favor of a rough-and-ready affair that sounds like it was recorded in the garage, which, to be fair, is likely where the music was born to begin with. Part of the charm of STCOF! is the undeniable sing-along factor implicit throughout, never evidenced better than on Louisville-centric track “Big New Playa.”