Inbox — Jan. 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor

That’s Showbiz
Jennifer Lawrence received a lot of love and attention on her recent return back to her hometown, and it’s well-deserved (considering her talents as an actor).

But another hometown performing talent, James Dickson, received little. But then he supposes that’s how the “game” is played — a game he’s been at for more years than Lawrence has been on this earth! How do numerous small roles (most recently a featured extra role on the HBO hit “Boardwalk Empire,” which ended up on the cutting-room floor) stand up to an Academy Award? Don’t get Dickson wrong — he has no hard feelings toward his fellow sister performer, but the showbiz game must go on. God bless Jennifer and other successful actors, and damn the unfair game.
James Dickson, New York City/Louisville

Kids with Colds
Dear friends: PLEASE KEEP YOUR SNOT-NOSED KIDS AT HOME and out of the grocery store! I just witnessed a 6-year-old kid with his clueless mom, coughing all over the pastries at a popular grocery store. This child then proceeded to touch the cookies as well, while Mom did nothing. When the bakery clerk told the mom she would have to purchase the cookies the child touched, she became upset! Narcissism and germs gone wild!
Laura LeLaurin, East End

10th Annual Not Good For Nothing Quiz Answers

1. B

2. B

3. C

4. E

5. D

6. C

7. A

8. F

9. B

10. C

11. D

12. C

13. A

14. D

15. E

16. F

17. B

18. D

19. A

20. E

21. C

22. B

23. B

24. A

25. C

26. E

27. B

28. C

29. C

30. C

31. C

32. A

33. C

34. C

35. C

36. B

37. D

38. E

39. D

40. A

41. A

42. A

43. C

44. B

45. A

46. A

47. C

48. A

49. A

50. A

51. B

52. D

53. B

54. C

55. C

56. D

57. A

58. E

59. C

60. B

61. B

62. A

63. B

1. Chuck Clancy (62/63)
2. Josh Suiter (56/63)
3. Joseph Greene III (48/63)