Guilty Pleasures

Sabatahj the Freak

We’ve lost our soul. Louisville is a desert when it comes to quality R&B. There is no scene to speak of. There are countless singers, but no albums. People who can blow but will never blow up, to say nothing of releasing a record. So I’m left to write about one Sabatahj the Freak, Southern Indiana’s answer to The Dream mixed with Twista. Guilty Pleasures seeks to emulate the raunchiness of Robert Kelly without any of the sense of humor or abandon of Kellz. Sabatahj has an ear for hooks and can be catchy at times, if one can tune out the lyrics making sex sound like “World of Warcraft.” Please, Louisville singers, this is the town of the Aristocrats, Prince Phillip Mitchell, New Birth and so many others. Meet the challenge of the town’s great history.